Born to Mac (Vegan) MOFO

Born To Mac Vegan MoFo

Today is the first day of Vegan MOFO, and I have to tell you that it has been really hard to keep my theme a secret from you. But, now that the day has come, I am unleashing BORN TO MAC MOFO on all of the internet. I even made a snazzy logo that may turn into a sticker, if you guys are into it.

Beer & Braut Mac ‘n’ Cheeze

Basically, this month is going to be filled with quite a few ridiculous “mac and cheese” recipes, and I quote that because some of them stretch the true definition of the dish.

Mexican Mac Burrito

I have some preview photos for you, just to get your mouth watering a little. I know, I’m such a tease. 😉 Plus, you can look forward to a giveaway or two throughout the month!! You lucky duck, you.

Mac Stuffed Sweet Potato

So, get ready — although I think that I should probably direct that statement to my kitchen and/or stomach – because this is about to get AWESOME!


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