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Top 10 VYA Posts of 2020

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a recap like this, and I’m excited for this one! Reminds me of blogging for fun, like I used to do. And while it would be damn-near impossible to choose these top ten vegan recipes and posts for 2020 myself, I’ve picked those with the highest traffic/pageviews from the past year.

Image collage of vegan recipes with text overlay "TOP 10 VYA POSTS OF 2020"

This year I put a lot of work into the blog and creating new recipes, plus incorporating video content, like the video below (which is a monster in itself). With the ever-changing situation of the pandemic, plus the fact that I didn’t shoot or write a cookbook after January, I was able to dedicate more time to this platform. And I loved it!

I’m still thankful for my freelance work, because without it this year would have been much worse than it ended up being; even though there were still disappointments to be had. Canceled work trips, sponsored collaborations, and opportunities were one after another come March, April and May. (My forecasts for the year definitely took a hit!)

One of the covers that I’ve shot for VegNews over the years.

But, overall, I’m grateful to have been blogging for nearly 10 years now, sharing vegan recipes with you that inspire me or are just downright comforting. Seeing your posts of my recipes made for holidays or even just a weekday dinner truly is the best (so please never stop, lol). Especially those of you that have supported me through buying my cookbooks – how are there THREE?!

Vegan Yack Attack On the Go! and Vegan Bowl Attack! Cookbooks by Jackie Sobon

A bright little light in our 2020 was our cat Misu adopting us. Yes, she adopted US. You may have seen her in my IG stories, and some day I’ll record a lil’ video of how she came to be our companion animal. Either way, without her (and anxiety meds) this year would have been much harder to handle!

Striped tabby cat laying at the base of a palm tree

Speaking of anxiety meds, after 6 or so years of wrestling with anxiety disorder, I finally took another step to better my mental health and am grateful to be able to do so. Sometimes CBD and supplements just can’t do it all, ya know? If it wasn’t for that step, there’s no WAY I would have been any sort of productive this year (and it still comes in waves, truly).

Foliage at Mt. Charleston
Finally went up to Mt. Charleston in the fall and it was beautiful!

That all being said, I put out the most posts this year than I have in some time. So, out of the 43 posts I’ve published this year, here are the top 10!

Top VYA Posts of 2020

Honorable Mentions

These recipes didn't make the top ten but they were sooo close and definitely worth mentioning anyway. Especially because I'm a huge fan of desserts. 😉

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year, stay safe, and do your best. <3 (Below is a lil’ image I took for funsies after shooting pasta for a client this week!)

Bowl of pasta with hand holding fork, and champagne flute on a yellow background

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.